The Best Reactions to Apple's Updates from Around the Web

Henry Baker
Henry Baker
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This week is a huge one for Apple fans, and there have been others like it almost every year since the release of the first iPhone. Last week, Apple announced two new iPhones, as well as the new iOS 7 software. The new operating system was released Wednesday, and the brand-new iPhone 5s debuts today. And just like every year, many people (and even some other species) rang in with reactions to the new offerings. One of the largest differences in the new iPhone is Touch ID. Instead of using a numbered access code to get into the phone, the 5s will scan a fingerprint to guarantee that its rightful owner is the one getting into it. And it turns out that the rightful owner doesn't even have to be human. TechCrunch discovered that the tech that scans fingerprints also works on the paws of cats, and perhaps other creatures.

So if you're looking for a holiday gift for your tech-savvy cat, you may want to consider it. Along with those customers who are happy to upgrade, though, are those who could not be more upset. Take this young boy, who laments the loss of the old iOS style — and perhaps his youth along with it?

Finally, there's a really funny video from Jake Tan that puts a satirical spin on Apple's new offerings.

When it comes to updating software, I know that feeling all too well. 


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