The Beauty of Popping Painted Balloons

Douglas Caballero

What would you get if Jackson Pollock played with water balloons? A beautiful mess! Enter Swiss artist Fabian Oefner . His artwork is literally explosive. Titled "Liquid Jewels," Oefner's photos were featured in Wired U.K., and they will astound your eyes and inspire you to throw an impromptu spin-art party.

So how does he make this crazy magic? Oefner creates his amazing photos by popping balloons covered in acid-rainbow paint and then snapping pictures as the paint flies. It looks like a blast, but it's a very time-consuming process. Oefner said he got only five useable photos out of the 100 he took.

And it turns out, his creative process even blew up in his face: "I remember one balloon burst directly into my face, while I was preparing the last layer of paint. ... I looked like a walking piece of art afterward."

This isn't Oefner's first experiment with flying paint. His previous project, 'Black Hole,' used a spinning drill to fling different coats of paint in a spiral pattern into the air. The resulting high-speed photos are mesmerizing. 

See more of Oefner's "Liquid Jewels" photos at Wired U.K. 

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