Will ‘It’s Thanksgiving’ Match ‘Friday’ in Viral Popularity?

Melissa Knowles
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It's Monday, Monday, gotta get down on Monday. Just kidding. Everyone knows that Friday is the day to get down now, all thanks to Rebecca Black's hit song "Friday," which made her an overnight sensation when the song went viral. Black's video achieved unparalleled success at the time, racking up over 200 million views on YouTube and millions of digital downloads in a short span of time. Well, get ready to have another song stuck in your head.

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Patrice Wilson, the producer of "Friday," is attempting to strike gold again with a new single that is being compared to Black's original tune. The new video, starring tween newcomer Nicole Westbrook, attempts to capitalize on the coming holiday season and is appropriately called "It's Thanksgiving." Westbrook sings "I'm wide awake, and I should take a step and say thank you. Thank you for the things you've done and what you did."

As with "Friday," which was known as much for being mocked as for its huge success, the reviews are not all good. "It's Thanksgiving" was uploaded Nov. 7 and has already received more than 3.7 million views. So far, people are clicking the "Dislike" button more than they're choosing to "like" it, with more than 63,000 on the dislike side.

The main reason people are giving for not liking the video is that it is simply too similar to Black's "Friday." They may have a point. "Friday" lists all the days of the week. "It's Thanksgiving" mentions many of the major American holidays. Both songs describe the joy of school being out, and both talk about parties where no parents are around to supervise. One commenter wrote, "It's awful. I love it" -- a sentiment that many seem to agree with. Whether you like it or not, the tune is catchy, and "It's Thanksgiving" could be stuck in your head through at least the end of the holiday season.

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