Technician Reunites Woman with Lost Diamond 4 Years After It Went Missing

Melissa Knowles
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Losing something that you hold dear can send you into a real panic. That's what happened to Christi Hansen of Evansville, Indiana, when she lost the diamond from her engagement ring. Hansen had worn the ring since 1995, when her now-husband gave it to her as he asked her to marry him, but one day she noticed that the marquise-shaped diamond at the center of her ring was missing.

Hansen, who works at a brake-supply company, told NBC 14 News that she retraced her steps and her co-workers helped her look for the diamond, but to no avail. At home, Hansen laid out all her trash on a tarp, pulled on some rubber gloves, and searched through every piece in search of her missing diamond. Still, no luck -- it was nowhere to be found.

Her husband eventually bought her another ring. Then, four and a half years went by. Last Thursday, Wayne Sutton, a printer technician, went to Hansen's place of employment to perform some routine service. Sutton happened to work on Hansen's printer first.

When he first opened the printer, he noticed what he initially thought was just some dust or a piece of paper, so he tried to blow it away. It would not budge, so he looked more closely. Realizing that it might be a diamond, he immediately told someone who was nearby, and they told others. Sutton said he then heard someone screaming: It was Hansen, who was shocked that someone had finally found her lost stone. She now calls Sutton her hero.

Now that Hansen has been reunited with her diamond, she told NBC 14 that she plans to have the stone put into a necklace; she will also keep the replacement ring that her husband gave her.

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