Teachers Turn the Tables, Prank Students as Going-Away Gift

Melissa Knowles

The anthem of the summer is playing loudly somewhere. If you listen closely, you can hear it, too: "School's out for summer!" Most school-age kids are rejoicing at the thought of summer break — not having to prepare for any tests, or get up early to go to class, or figure out which perfect outfit to wear. For at least the next couple of months, it's all about leisure.

But wait — not so fast! Before they go on that summer vacation, a lot of students attempt to pull a prank that the rest of the student body will remember them by. The teachers are usually on the receiving end of such pranks. Usually.

One group of teachers decided to turn the prank idea on its head by playing a joke on their students. Teachers at Honiton Community College, a secondary school in the U.K., wanted to have some fun. Students in the video thought they were giving advice to incoming students; little did they know that their teachers were up to all sorts of crazy antics in the background — from dancing to kissing stuffed animals to even holding up funny handmade signs. The students were oblivious to their teachers' actions until they saw the finished video montage later.

The video has been viewed more than 69,000 times so far on YouTube. The comments have been disabled on the video, but around here at Trending Now, we think it's hilarious. We wish our teachers would have had some harmless fun like this with us back in the day.

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