Teacher Donates Kidney To Stranger After Seeing Facebook Plea

Mia Trovato
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Any parent of grade-school-age kids knows that it takes a saint to be a teacher. Now a teacher from Kentucky is proving that yet again by volunteering to donate one of her kidneys to a complete stranger.

Twelve months ago, John Desmond, a father of two, came down with bacterial meningitis, which shut down his kidneys and left him in need of a donor. His siblings weren't a match, and his wife, Tina, desperately pleaded on Facebook for a donor to come forward. Amazingly, somebody did: Buffy Sexton, a seventh-grade science teacher and a complete stranger to Desmond.

Sexton saw the post on Facebook when a friend shared it. After months of testing, she learned she was a perfect match. She'll need to be out of the classroom for about a month to recover, but surgeons have agreed to tape the procedure so she'll be able to use it as a lesson when she returns.

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