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A turnabout in war-torn Syria offers a gleam of hope, although the heart-wrenching violence still continues. Things don't seem to have changed much for the ex-husband of the late Whitney Houston, who was arrested on a familiar offense. Also seeming unstoppable: Florida's rat population. Don't let us stop you from seeing what else people are tracking online.


  • Syria: Syria has accepted a U.N. peace plan, but the violence between government troops and rebels continues.  The U.N. reports that more than 8,000 people have been killed so far in the uprisings. Related searches: Syrian rebels, Asma al Assad, Bashar Assad, Syrian President, Syrian protests
  • Bobby Brown DUI: Bobby Brown was arrested and booked on suspicion of driving under the influence Monday. 
  • Cat-Sized Rats or Gambian Pouch Rats: These enormous rodents have been proliferating on the Florida Keys despite measures to destroy their population. The rats can grow to be 9 pounds, and are a potential threat to Florida's ecological balance should they reach the mainland.


  • Atlantic Sturgeon:  Images of a sea creature washed up on a South Carolina beach went viral, and many believed that a new species had been discovered. Ironically, the fish has been identified as an Atlantic Sturgeon -- which made the endangered species list in February.
  • Sarah Tressler: Rival paper Houston Press outed the 29-year-old Houston Chronicle society-page writer's moonlighting job as a stripper.
  • Shaquan Duley: Oprah Winfrey interviewed the Orangeburg mother who killer her two sons.  The episode airs April 1.
  • New Black Panther Party : The New Black Panther Party has offered a $10,000 reward for the "capture" of George Zimmerman. The shooter in the Trayvon Martin murder case has not been formally charged.



  • Mega Millions:  The Mega Millions lottery jackpot increased to $363 million, the third-largest pot in the lottery history. Related searches: Megamillions CA, Mega Millions winner dies
  • E-filing Taxes: Tax season is in full swing. Related searches: IRS Where's my refund, 2012 w4 form, w-9 form
  • Pink Slime: Beef Products, manufacturer of the so-called "pink slime," has suspended operations at three of the four plants where the ground-beef filler is produced. Consumers are searching for stores that do not, and have not, sold the slime. Related searches: Pink Slime Piggly Wiggly


  • Tenacious D: Tenacious D has announced a summer tour to promote its new album, "Rize of  the Fenix."
  • Camille Grammer Quits: A star on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" will not be returning to the show. She tweeted that she was not fired from the show, and instead is leaving by her own choice.


  • Frank Langella:  His new memoir, "Dropped Names: Famous Men and Women as I Knew Them," is  being released today. He mentions affairs with Liz Taylor and Rita Hayworth. Other dropped names include Paul Newman, Rex Harrison, Richard Burton, John F. Kennedy, and Jacqueline Onassis.
  • Perez Hilton: The blogger, who turned 34 on March 23, celebrated this past weekend with a Mad Hatter-themed birthday celebration.
  • Miley Cyrus: Putting an end to a swirl of recent rumors, Cyrus has tweeted that she and her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, are not engaged.
  • Kim Kardashian: Plans to increase her security detail after a flour attack last week. Kardashian was showered with flour by a woman in protest of Kardashian wearing real  fur. Kardashian initially joked about the incident, but now says that she may  press charges. Related searches: Kim Kardashian Flour Comments; Kim Kardashian Flour Bomb
  • Jonathan Antoine: Video of "Britain's Got Talent" contestant has gone viral and has many comparing Antoine to former "BGT" standout Susan Boyle. Related searches: Britain's  Got Talent


  • U.S. Soccer: The U.S. men's Olympic soccer team has been eliminated from qualifying for the 2012 London Olympics. Jaime Alas of El Salvador scored a final goal landing the two teams in a tie.
  • Steve Smith:  Former New York Giants wide receiver Smith has signed with the St. Louis  Rams.
  • Tim Duncan: In a recent game between the San Antonio Spurs and Philadelphia Sixers, the forward-center was benched. According to the team roster, the reason listed was "DND -- Old."
  • Bobby Valentine: The Red Sox manager has dismissed rumors that a rivalry had developed between him and general manager Ben Cherington.
  • Brittney Griner: Griner was ejected with less than a minute left in play as Baylor defeated  Tennessee 77-58.
  • Frank Martin: The Kansas State basketball coach will be the next head coach  for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks. 

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