Swedish Soldiers Perform Awesome Rendition of 'Greased Lightning'

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Swedish Soldiers Perform Awesome Rendition of 'Greased Lightning'

Countless recreations have been done of the classic movie “Grease” over the years, but you probably have never seen one quite like a new parody lip synching video released by a group of Swedish soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. The Swedish Coastal Rangers, or the equivalent to what would be the Marines in the US, are seen jamming out to the 1978 movie’s cult hit ‘Greased Lightning’.

The video, directed by Boris Zeleda, was uploaded to YouTube, but received it’s viral bump thanks to a post on Reddit by user ‘Masterkrabban’ over the weekend. The original YouTube video racked up about 500,000 views, but has since been taken down. It now lives via embeds on several blogs.

For those of you who are wondering if the group might be getting in trouble for spending their time in service learning choreographed dances, you are dead wrong. Sweden’s Armed Forces spokesman Philip Simon told the Dagens Nyheter Newspaper "It's a professional parody that was made during their free time. This doesn't affect the trust in them in a negative way, on the contrary." So take that, haters!

Now what do I do about having that song in my head for the rest of the day? Any suggestions?