Surfer's Close Call With Longboard Caught on Camera

Ralphie Aversa
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Marly and J.W. were just enjoying a chill day on the waters off the coast of Pokai Bay in Oahu, Hawaii. J.W. had just picked up a new, custom surfboard and wanted to show off for Marly, who was filming from his surfboard with a GoPro camera.

Then, J.W. almost took Marly's head off.

"It's coming at me!" Marly yelled. J.W. flew off his longboard, and it went sailing just past Marly's noggin. "It's on film. He tried to kill me!"

Marly was joking and thankfully dodged the surfboard that was headed his way. Then again, his friend riding the wave was surfing right toward him, so what did he expect to happen?

Marly published the original, 18-second clip on June 16. Jukin Video reposted it on June 20. That upload sits north of 50,000 views. Many commenters are wondering what exactly the surfers were trying to accomplish in the first place. A few others think the whole thing might have been staged. Some drew from personal experience to chime in about the wipeout.

"Welcome to surfing... if you can't handle it stay out of the water and stop your whining," commented one viewer. Another said, "Guy riding should have sat down and not shot his board out. Both are at fault."

Regardless of whether this was a setup or who is at fault, the fact remains that both get to hang out on the beaches of Hawaii. As I type this from my desk, that sounds pretty great right about now.