Subway Ventriloquist Uses Puppet to Pick up Girls

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Subway Ventriloquist Uses Puppet to Pick up Girls

A ventriloquist’s recent subway show could even put the grumpiest commuters in a better mood.

Nigel Dunkley took his puppet and hopped on the D train heading downtown. The Hempstead, NY native walked on to the train with the doll in a suitcase, and as soon as he sat down, the act began.

First the ventriloquist makes the puppet act like he is trying to break out of the luggage. Then Dunkley interchanges between his voice and the voice he uses for the doll, all while interacting with passengers on the train.

The video is entitled, “Ventriloquist Picking Up Girls On The Subway,” and is quickly gaining popularity. The five-minute skit has 360,000 views on YouTube.

And as the video title states, Dunkley does get a couple of numbers from women riding on the subway during his act. During the skit, we get to see most of the exchange with a woman named Kaitlin. When the puppet hands off Dunkley’s phone to her, she isn’t sure what to do.

“Your number, stupid!” Dunkley replies – through the puppet of course. After Kaitlin returns the phone with her number, the puppet remarks, “Oh yeah! You gonna get some fun!”

Fellow train riders mostly laugh throughout the dialogue created between Dunkley’s two voices. Due to popular demand, part two of the act will be uploaded to the “Model Pranksters TV” channel on Sunday.