Stylish 83-Year-Old Becomes Web Star with Fashion Blog

Henry Baker
Henry Baker
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Looking at most advertising, one would assume that the fashion world is a place only for the young. Very few ads feature anyone over the age of 30, let alone 80. Well, meet Ali. The 83-year-old tailor has become something of a star on Tumblr, thanks to a blog called What Ali Wore.

Created by photographer Zoe Spawton, the blog is a tribute to the ever-changing custom wardrobe of Ali, who walks by her coffee shop at 9:05 every morning. After seeing him many times, she asked if she could start photographing him, with his unique choices in clothing. He agreed, and thus What Ali Wore was born.

Ali is Turkish but has been living in Berlin, where the photos are taken, for 44 years. His skill at tailoring means that his clothes are often handmade, and he rarely wears the same thing twice. Since he wants to looks his best, Spawton says, Ali has some restrictions on when she can photograph him. She told Spiegel Online, "Sometimes [he] just does not feel good, [is] in a bad mood or sick." She even told him that he may start to get recognized, thanks to his newfound Web fame, and said, "He seemed quite pleased."

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