Stuffed Animal Named Lamby Sings Cover of OneRepublic's 'Counting Stars'

OneRepublic’s song “Counting Stars” has received up placements with Bud Light and Jeep, racked up over 150 million YouTube views, and gained plenty of radio spins. But the hit just earned yet another interpretation thanks to a stuffed animal.

Little Lamby must be a OneRepublic fan. The singing wind-up lamb made its YouTube debut on February 1 with a cover of “Counting Stars.” In addition to contributing the vocals for the track, “Lamby” stars in the music video. The premise involves a little girl who meets the lamb at Child's Play Toys in Portland, Ore. The girl puts the stuffed animal back on the shelf after her mom tells her that it’s time to leave. Looking to reunite, the lamb walks off of the toy shelf and attempts to leave the store in search of her.

But the plan looks grim after a basketball accidentally knocks the lamb over and he loses his momentum. Undeterred, Little Lamby finds a way to make it out of the store and back in to the arms of the little girl.

Ok, so she’s a wind-up stuffed animal that can’t exactly hit her notes and finds a way to walk out of a toy store. There might not be a Hallmark Channel adaptation in the near future but that doesn’t mean kids don’t find it cute.

Steve Mumford of Sarasota Springs, Utah commented, “My 3 year old can't stop watching this video. He cheers every time Lamby gets outside!” Meanwhile Janet Hoy inquired, “Cute. Where can I get one of the Lil Lamby wind-ups???”

Laurie and Andy Bailey filmed the piece. If you’re looking for more of a Little Lamby fix, the end of the video promises that more music videos are on the way.

Which song should the stuffed animal cover next? Let us know below.