Student Seeking to Set World Record with Tallest Mohawk Sent Home for Insubordination

Melissa Knowles
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Fight for your right to spike. That's the slogan for one Florida teen who is seeking the freedom to wear his hair in a mohawk at school. Seventeen-year-old Ashton Stonesifer from DeLand, Florida, wants to set the world record for having the tallest spikes of hair. Stonesifer's style of choice is a 16-inch "liberty spike" mohawk with blond tips.

Stonesifer says he wore his hair this way for the first time on Monday. The principal at Deland High School, Mitch Moyer, warned the student against wearing a mohawk to school. On Tuesday, Moyer sent him home for insubordination, saying his hair was an "extreme distraction." Stonesifer says the look is just a part of who he is: "I'm weird, uncommon, and kind of socially unacceptable. So why can't my hair express that, too?"

According to school policy, the principal can make such decisions at his discretion. The school board's policy states that it is the principal's responsibility to "see that the dress appearance of any student shall not be extreme, to the point of creating a disturbance, or be hazardous to the student and/or others, or school property." The policy does not mention anything specific about hairstyles.

Stonesifer is gathering signatures of those fellow students who are in support of what he's calling his "right to spike." His mother, Rae, also supports him and says the hairstyle is "important to my son. It gives him his own individual personality."

Stonesifer is wearing his hair down around his shoulders for now, as he gathers signatures on his petition in hopes of getting the principal to reconsider.

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