Student in Spanish Class Makes Pitch-Perfect Mock Telenovela That Goes Viral

Who says Spanish class homework can't be fun? Well, not Julie Bryan. When her professor assigned a project that would demonstrate the students' knowledge of the language, most chose to write a song. Bryan went the route of soap opera. With a little help from Reddit users, her telenovela is going viral to the tune of half a million views on YouTube.

In the video, Bryan and her friend Adam Elliff co-star in a sultry tale of twin brothers who eventually find out that each other is involved in an affair — with twin sisters. If your knowledge of Spanish isn't too strong, you'll probably end up paying more attention to the subtitles, along with various product placements for a perfume and Taco Bell — complete with the fast-food chain's trademark "gong."

"There was no rubric to this project. She just gave all the students the options of a verbal interview, or singing a song," Bryan wrote on Reddit. "My husband is a wiz with the camera and I immediately thought to make a movie. My husband and my brother wrote the script in english, I translated it (to the best of my terrible abilities), and we filmed it with my friend/classmate in one night."

YouTube comments range from, "the best novela in the world," to "This is painful to watch if you speak Spanish." But I'm sure Bryan and her crew, which also included a body double and her brother, aren't too concerned. The project received an A+ (according to Bryan, the other assignments "got Bs and Cs!") and redditors' approval has the video soaring toward 600,000 views.

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