Strangers Join in on Impromptu Jam Session

Mia Fitzharris

An impromptu jam session in Dallas, Texas, has prompted a flurry of questions from truthers around the Web. Jaime Tatos Maldonado uploaded a video to his Facebook page of a scene he caught outside of a Kroger supermarket. It appears that all three men involved in the performance are complete strangers. As one man, local musician Jesse Rya, strums on his guitar, two other men join in and start singing a song, adding in their own words to make a beautiful harmony.

And of course, Internet fame never comes without controversy. Commenters on the video are crying foul, writing things like: "Obviously staged, still good, just don't lie about it." and "So staged, can clearly see they practiced all the lyrics to the song never missed a word."

Another person thought the third man’s entrance to the jam session seemed a little too choreographed. Rya took to Facebook to dispel the rumors, writing: "just for the record... It's not a Jimmy Kimmel setup and i do not know the other 2 gentlemen in the video."

Viewers aren't all doubters though. One person wrote, "This just fills me with inspiration and joy," while another added, "why is a 30yo man in the reflection of my screen smiling and crying at the same time? go figure."

Now the only question that remains is: When can we buy this track on iTunes?

What do you guys think? Totally random collaboration? Or a staged performance? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.