Watch This Incredible Bob Dylan Interactive Video

Henry Baker

It's rare that we can describe something on the Internet as truly groundbreaking, but if this interactive "Like a Rolling Stone" video isn't, we don't know what is. Upon visiting, you are greeted with a television screen which invites you to change channels and check out what's on. The song plays, and you can surf while various characters from television, both real and imagined, sing along with the classic. We won't ruin too much more for you, but the sheer amount of work that went into organizing these 16 different clips must have been huge. Special points go to stars of The Price is Right, Pawn Stars, Property Brothers, and Maron, among others, for participating in such an awesome project. And according to an interview with the CEO of Interlude, one of the companies involved in making the videos, more clips will be added to the amazing array. Tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter.