Stop-Motion Video Proves How Fun Mario Kart Would Be in Real Life

I owned a Super Nintendo as a kid, and one of the games that I would always play with my friends was Super Mario Kart. The racing game stuck out because multiplayer was a lot of fun. Each track had its own quirks, there were a number of power-ups and -downs to mess with opponents, and of course the characters were Nintendo icons.

The franchise resonated with a lot of gamers, thus the reason that the eighth installment of Mario Kart will be released next year on Wii U. But four Montreal residents decided to reincarnate the game in a whole new way. Using stop-motion animation, 3D artists Olivier Bolduc and Simon Lachapelle re-created Mario Kart in real life. The co-workers recruited Étienne Desbois and Louka Boutin to play the roles of Mario and Luigi, respectively.

Sure, there's no Rainbow Road — but there are plenty of banana peels, power-ups, and red Koopa shells to have you reminiscing. The soundtrack and sound effects are also authentic. Bolduc and Lachapelle took a few creative liberties, most notably not using karts for Mario and Luigi as they race to the finish line in a Montreal back alley.

The video has gotten more than 100,000 views on YouTube, and it isn't the first time the '90s classic saw a real-life adaptation. Frenchman Remí Gaillard uploaded a video of himself dressed as Mario, in a go-kart, racing through the streets and even stopping at a grocery store to pick up bananas. The piece has picked up 21 million views since 2011.

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