'Starbucks Drake Hands' Is Hilarious New Meme

Mia Trovato

Technology has really changed the dating world. To prove that point, look no further than "Starbucks Drake Hands," the Web's latest and I think greatest meme. Here's the lowdown: Piper Kennedy, a model in Los Angeles, met a barista named Brody Curtis in Starbucks and gave him her number. The next day she received a selfie video from him. The video was so hilarious to Kennedy's friend DJ Ben Roc that he uploaded it to his Instagram account. Not only did Brody get Kennedy's attention, but after the Instagram video was posted, a viral meme was born, as well as the hashtag #StarbucksDrakeHands, as the song being played in the background is Drake's hit "Hold On, We're Going Home." One commenter on Roc's video wrote "This guy is hot but yet so strange. Will never hear Drake coming home the same again." Parodies are popping up everywhere — here is one of our favorites.

Starbucks Drake Hands now has its own Instagram and Twitter accounts. And as for Brody, he says the video was an attempt to be "cute and genuine." But all joking aside, it might have actually worked. Piper said she would meet up with him based on how well he has handled himself since the video has gone viral.

Now of course we want to see your Starbucks Drake Hands. Record one and share it on our Facebook page or tweet it to us at @YahooTrending.