Son Travels 4,000 Miles to Tell Mother He and His Wife Are Expecting in New Film Shot on Google Glass

Ralphie Aversa
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The University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts is saying thank you to moms around the world with a new video shot entirely on Google Glass.

Titled "Seeds," the two-and-a-half-minute piece follows Aneesh Chaganty as he travels from San Francisco to Los Angeles, overseas to Tokyo and eventually India. The short took 10 days to film but is cut to make the journey appear as one seamless trip.

Chaganty begins the film by packing a bag and receiving an envelope from his wife, played by Hina Khan. He then hops in a cab, heads to a BART station, and boards a train en route to San Francisco International Airport. His connections land him in Los Angeles and Tokyo before his final destination, India.

The traveling is far from finished. Through his first-person camera on Glass, we see Chaganty move along via another cab, a train, a bicycle carriage and a boat. He never says a word on camera and holds that envelope his wife gave him the entire time, almost forgetting it in the cab at one point.

Eventually Chaganty arrives in a small village, where his mother lives. He lets himself into her home and surprises her. The mother, played by Madhumani Palla, is overjoyed.

But the most emotional part of the video is still to come.

After a home-cooked meal, Chaganty hands his mother the manila envelope that he had carefully carried during his travels. She opens it to find a sonogram. Chaganty's wife is pregnant.

Since it was published Thursday, the video has accumulated more than 286,000 views. Chaganty created the story line and was assisted by a film crew, both stateside and abroad, in shooting the piece last month. He traveled to four countries and 14 cities and crossed 4,000 miles in the process.

The film is a part of the Google Glass Creative Collective. On Facebook, the filmmaker dedicated the project to his mother, Subha.