Son Records Father’s Reaction To Every New Tattoo He Gets

Ralphie Aversa
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If there is one thing that Rocky Ortega did not want to see this Father's Day, it was another tattoo on his son. Joshua, 36, has accumulated quite the collection of ink, with almost a full sleeve on his left arm and a bunch more designs on his right.

The graphic designer, who lives with his wife and two kids in Long Beach, Calif., usually shows his father any new tattoos he has when he returns home to Oxford. Rocky's reaction is consistently disgust, but Joshua seems to get a kick out of it. Now, every time Joshua shows off new ink to his dad, he films the response.

"That's so bad, Joshua," "Ugly," and "Why did you do that?" are just a few of the remarks that Rocky makes to Joshua in the 15-second clip. Joshua even has a tattoo with "Dad" on it, but the retired high school principal and military veteran probably doesn't care for that one either.

An example of what Rocky's reacting to, Courtesy Kim Anderson
An example of what Rocky's reacting to, Courtesy Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson, a friend of the family, uploaded the clip of the reactions to YouTube on Sunday. "Dad hates son's tattoos" already has over 200,000 views, thanks in part to the 3,000 upvotes it has received on Reddit. Comments on the video range from "I see nothing wrong" with getting tattoos to "I have more respect to myself" than to get one.

While the father-son disagreement over the body art has now spilled into an online forum, Anderson tells us that the family is "extremely tight-knit."