Soldier Returns Home and Surprises Family Members in Succession

Ralphie Aversa
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Soldier Returns Home and Surprises Family Members in Succession

Thanks to YouTube, families across the world can share that moment of exuberance when a soldier returns home from overseas. Martin Miller decided to multiply that moment by three, surprising his dad, sister, and mother in succession. His friend Scott Kelley, also a veteran, filmed all of the emotional reunions and uploaded them online.

Miller is from Phoenix, Ariz. and was deployed to Afghanistan a year ago. He planned the surprises with Kelley, who lives next door to the Miller’s. Kelley witnessed Miller’s dismissal and drove him to the hospital where Mason’s father Bernie works. Inside, Mason knocked on his dad’s office door and interrupted a meeting. The elder Mason clearly did not mind.

“For God’s sake!” Bernie said through tears as he hugged his son. “I can’t believe you!”

But Mason was just getting started. With father in tow, the three men then visited his sister at work. She also could not stop hugging him.

“Mason! Oh my God!” she exclaimed when she saw her brother. “Oh she’s going to freak. She’s going to freak out.”

The sister is referring to their mother, who is the next person to receive a visit. Mason’s sister was spot on with her prediction.

“Well what can say! That was my son and boy was I surprised,” commented Mason’s mother Sue on a blog post written by Kelley. “It has been almost ten months since I have seen my little boy.”

All parties involved thanked Kelley, who kept it a secret despite visiting the Mason’s home on a daily basis. Following a day full of surprises, Kelley wrote, “we all did what he’d been waiting for the whole year.”

They drank a Guinness and grabbed food at In-N-Out Burger.