Social Media Savvy Couples Only Want One Wedding Present: To Trend on Twitter

Melissa Knowles
September 10, 2012

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Remember the good old days when you could put a smile on an engaged couple's faces by purchasing a gift from their wedding registry and be done with it? Those days still exist, but now there's a new gift that tech-savvy couples getting married want. However, they're not going to ask for it; they just hope you'll know that they want it. The latest trendy gift idea for couples with impending nuptials? Their very own trending hashtag on Twitter.

Increasingly, Web-savvy couples and their friends are tweeting up a storm in hopes that their ceremony will show up on Twitter's list of what's trending in their local area. Typically, only high-profile weddings such as that of the British royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton, and the ill-fated wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries trend globally. Not anymore. Regular people with no celebrity are doing their best to get their very own 15 seconds of Twitter fame.

Gretchen and Bill Voth are one such couple. The two were married last year in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their friends and family knew that the two were big fans of Twitter and began sending tweets with the hashtag "#VothWedding" relentlessly until it was officially trending. Gretchen said the tribute from her friends and family was "one of the best, most unique gifts our friends could give us."

So why is this wedding trend becoming so popular? Well, a trending hashtag is a gift that cannot be registered for or purchased. It's not traditional and it's something that makes a wedding stand out from the crowd, because it's unique. Plus, it's not quite as difficult as you might think. Twitter's algorithm favors sheer numbers of people using the hashtag, so it does not matter if a regular person tweets something or a verified account does the tweeting. But it does not hurt to tweet celebrities, whether they respond or not, to get them to retweet your tweet -- either way, you'll show up in their celebrity feed. The change in ratio of users talking about a topic is what makes it trend.