Social Media Heats Up, New York’s Newest Mascot, and a Marriage Proposal…On PowerPoint

Adriana Diaz
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If you live in the U.S., odds are you're in the grips of the current "heatpocalypse." If you're not, you're probably reading about the "heat dome" or "sweat ceiling" on Twitter. Heat tweets are so hot they've overtaken tweets about Justin Bieber (the most popular man on Twitter) 4 to 1! You can even pick up tips to beat the heat on Facebook. For how to spot signs of a heat stroke, turn to the American Red Cross's Facebook page. But if frying food on the sidewalk is more your style, look no further than South Dakota's Weather Service's Facebook page. It's posted a video of one person's weak attempt to fry an egg on the sidewalk. Someone else even made a video of trying to cook a roast in a car, though our food favorite is definitely the woman who tweeted a picture of cookies baking in her car. Some businesses are taking advantage of the heat wave, like Princess Theater in Columbus, Ohio, which is offering $2 drinks and $6 bottles of wine for people willing to brave the heat.

Move over Tony the Tiger and make way for Tony the Pigeon, New York's newest mascot. He's the new face (or beak) of the New York Waterway Ferry, and the Web's buzzing about him. According to the ferry's senior deckhand, Tony is an early bird. For the past three years he's boarded the ferry at the exact same time during morning rush hour. The punctual pigeon boards every morning at New York's Pier 79 at 39th Street, shuttles back and forth across the Hudson River (only getting off briefly at each dock to search for food), before disembarking two hours later in Manhattan (never in New Jersey). "No doubt he's a New Yorker," Edwin Montoya, a ferry worker told the New York Daily News. "He never flies off in New Jersey. Now that's an intelligent pigeon." Tony's not only intelligent but also dependable. He "missed the boat" only one time, during a blizzard. To learn more about Tony you can like his Facebook fan page, where unlike most celebs he's asking for paparazzi pictures. In a post he wrote, "I know EVERYONE wants more pictures of me. Please snap and post them on here when you do!"

What's your idea of a romantic wedding proposal? On the beach? At the place you and your partner met? What about during a meeting at work?? Yup, one man proposed to his girlfriend over PowerPoint. Yes, PowerPoint. My favorite part of the video is the unsuspecting attendee in light green, he's so confused!

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