‘Snowsuit Monkey’ Competes with ‘Ikea Monkey’ for Viral Cuteness

Henry Baker

Since we're deep into awards season and Fashion Week is around the corner, sartorial comparisons are clearly on our mind -- and yours. The threads we're talking about today, though, are for slightly smaller primates than you'd expect … that's right, monkeys!

Darwin -- or, as most of you know him, "The IKEA monkey" -- became an overnight celeb after wandering around an IKEA store in Canada dressed in a particularly cozy-looking shearling coat. Now, a new monkey is about to steal his thunder. Let us introduce you to Vanya, a macaque from Russia who is featured in this video enjoying the snow in a fetching green snowsuit that he's accessorized with a belt and white scarf.

He hops around. He stops to reflect. He even seems to speak to his owners. A blogger from the blog Motherboard wrote, "This monkey just made winter worth it." A YouTube commenter added, "I want one," which is exactly what we've all been saying over here.