Skaters Rip on California Terrain Transformed by Earthquake

Richard Cazeau
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Skaters Rip on California Terrain Transformed by Earthquake

After what has been called the worst earthquake in the Bay Area in 25 years, the altered topography left by the 6.0 magnitude temblor that devastated residents in and around Napa and Sonoma in California last Sunday is being "torn up" by local skateboarders — but not in a destructive way. For decades, the skateboarding culture has been no stranger to riding and ripping on almost anything, whenever and wherever possible. Some enthusiasts of the sport might even call this damaged area in Northern California a street skater's paradise.

The environmental twists and newfound turns of residential walkways and roads have skateboarding youth using buckled pavement as miniramps for tricks like 180-degree spins and various hand-grabs, while the fractured sidewalks serve as obstacles to "ollie" or jump over.

Obviously this isn't the first time we've seen skaters perform tricks in unbelievable terrain and weather, but this is definitely a new spin on a skate park — one made by Mother Nature in one of her worst moods.