Shocked Family Films Wild Moose Swimming in Their Pool

Melissa Knowles
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Shocked Family Films Wild Moose Swimming in Their Pool

Part of the thrill of going on vacation in the summertime is lying out by the pool and enjoying the warm weather with a good book. Sure, a few harmless squirrels may wander nearby or maybe some pesky birds may drop in looking for food, but imagine how shocking it would be if something much larger stumbled onto your property. What would you do then?

People relaxing at their vacation home in Redmond, Washington, got quite a surprise when they found a moose swimming in their pool. So they did what most of us would do to prove to our friends and family that it really happened—they turned on the video camera and pressed record.

The moose appears to be swimming nonchalantly and enjoying himself for several minutes as the startled onlookers watch from a safe distance. It casually makes its way toward the shallow end of the pool, and then eventually gets out and slowly walks past the lounge chairs, climbs over the fence, and heads back into the woods.

A woman in the background can be heard saying, "Where in the heck did a moose come from? I cannot believe it walked into the pool." A man says, "It's probably chillin' in the water though, just loving it." The woman adds, "It's probably peeing in the water, too." She wonders aloud if they should call the news station to alert them to the strange sighting.

The woman later asks, "Well, do we have moose insurance?" The man assures her that it's covered under regular insurance, and that he doesn't think they need specific moose insurance.

The video has been viewed almost a million times on YouTube. Most commenters do not seem as shocked by the moose swimming in the pool. Several people commented that the animal probably just wanted to cool off and it was no big deal. Generally though, people are finding the entire encounter rather humorous.

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