After Shipping Mix-Up, D.C. Man Ordered a Television Online and Receives Semi-Automatic Weapon

Mia Trovato
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Shopping online can be a godsend but, occasionally, it can be frustrating. The dress that looked perfect onscreen doesn't remotely fit. The shoes that looked blue are a completely different color. The bookcase has a crack on the side. In the case of Seth Horvitz of Washington, D.C., he ordered a flat-screen TV but was shipped a semiautomatic assault rifle instead.

Horvitz paid $320 for a 39-inch flat-screen from a third-party seller on Amazon. When the box arrived, it held a $1,500 Sig Sauer semiautomatic rifle. When Horvitz realized what was in the box, he said, "It was pure shock and disbelief." The weapon was supposed to be delivered to a gun shop in Pennsylvania. It seems a label mix-up with UPS might have caused the alarming delivery. Horvitz says a UPS label with his name and address was placed on top another label with the gun shop's information. Horvitz called the D.C. police to retrieve the weapon and make sure it was given to the proper owner. He's still waiting on the TV.

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