'Sesame Street' Parodies 'Homeland' in 'Homelamb'

Henry Baker

Even though it appears on subscriber cable, "Homeland" is a cultural sensation among critics and viewers. And "Sesame Street," which is known for tapping into the Zeitgeist, has just proved how big a mark "Homeland" has made. In "Homelamb," a group of sheep is looking to catch the Big Bad Wolf, much like Carrie Mathison's tireless effort to catch Abu Nazir and, earlier, Nicholas Brody. Or, in the case of "Sesame Street," Nicholas Baaa-rody. Actually, throughout "Homelamb," there are a lot of baaas all around. The spoof begins with a spot-on interpretation of the Showtime series' intro, complete with black-and-white archival footage and jazz music. And all the characters are there — Saaa-ul, Caaa-rrie, and of course, Baaa-rody.

The spoof reminded us of some of "Sesame Street's" other great parody videos, which number in the dozens. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Old Spice Commercials                        

'30 Rock,' or, in Muppet-land, '30 Rocks'

And of course, 'Mad Men'

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