Senior Class Pranks High School Principal by Hiring Mariachi Band to Follow Him Around

Ralphie Aversa
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People across the Internet are congratulating the senior class at Santa Barbara High School today. Yes, it happens to be the last day of school, and so the Class of 2014 will prepare for graduation and life after homerooms and lunch breaks. But the Web's hat tip probably has more to do with the prank the outgoing students played on their principal, John Becchio.

On Tuesday Becchio arrived at the California high school to the welcome of a four-piece mariachi band. They started as soon as the principal walked into his office at 7:30 a.m.

"The senior class hired the musicians to follow Principal Becchio for one hour as he walked the hallways and conducted school business," the school wrote on its website. "It was a senior prank that delighted students and staff."

Administrators at the Santa Barbara Unified School District clearly have a good sense of humor. In addition to acknowledging the prank online, the district posted a 54-second clip of the mariachis to its YouTube page. While the video is currently marked as unlisted, it is still viewable with the link and has more than half a million hits.

But the mariachi prank was not the only sendoff that the senior class gave Becchio. The high school principal told the Los Angeles Times that on Monday, he walked into his office to discover that all of his possessions had been shrink-wrapped.

"It was kind of a special sendoff," he said to the paper. Fortunately for Becchio, summer break is right around the corner. However, the Class of 2015 at SBHS has officially been put on notice.