See What Happens When Prankster Wears a Ski Mask in a Bank

A new viral video intended to make people laugh is instead causing quite the stir due to its potentially dangerous premise.

The group of pranksters that run the “Whatever” YouTube account decided it would be funny to wear a ski mask in to bank for the sole purpose of opening an account. While their intentions might have been to simply to film a funny video, they actually could have put themselves and others at risk.

Throughout the two and a half minute clip, the masked man is repeatedly asked to leave or escorted out of the institution. The prankster argued that he simply wanted to open an account or “diversify my portfolio.” But the bank managers and security guards were not trying to hear any of it. The man also tried to use acne as an excuse, but that didn’t work either. Over and over the bank officials caution that not only will no one with a mask be allowed in, but that the cops will be alerted.

The video ends with two officers on foot looking for the filmmakers. The car that they are riding in drives away.

“Ski Mask Bank Prank” has accumulated about 300,000 views. Opinions on the video range from “Million dollar prank,” to “this was just idiotic and not funny at all.” The “Whatever” YouTube channel has uploaded pranks for the past year, with some videos receiving as many as 9.7 million hits. While views on the latest prank are divided, the clip seemed to help push the channel past the one million-subscriber mark.