School Administrators Rap to 'Ice Ice Baby' Video To Alert Parents and Students of School Closure

Students who attend Durham Academy in Durham, N.C. do not have school today due to the winter weather hitting the east coast. In what appears to be a growing trend, they were given the news via YouTube.

Head of School Michael Ulku-Steiner and Assistant Head of School/Upper School Director Lee Hark teamed up to announce school’s cancellation by covering Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby.”

After starting with the obvious, “Stop! Collaborate and listen!” the duo put their own spin on the 90’s hit.

“Ice is back and the roads will glisten,” rapped Ulku-Steiner, who began his tenure in July of last year. “Polar vortex has ahold of us tightly. Wind like a hawk boom, daily and nightly.”

The school administrators then trade lines before reaching the chorus and announcing, “No school kids!”

Durham Academy also announced the closing in a more traditional fashion on its website. A link to the video was posted with the message that pops up on the homepage.

“Yep! The best snow school-closing announcement ever came right from Durham Academy, the school where I am so proud to teach!” commented Elizabeth South on the YouTube video. She teaches preschool music and elementary drama at the independent, coeducational day school. “You guys have got talent!”

Smart is a singer/songwriter herself, who recently released a song that features Country star Vince Gill.

But there was no musical inspiration behind the school’s unorthodox announcement. Instead, the administrators came up with the idea by adopting the attitude of Durham Academy alumnus Craig Rosati. The 1989 graduate suffers from ALS, but does not let his condition affect his outlook on life in a negative fashion.

“I get to be amazed by the good in people every day,” he wrote on a Go Fund Me page for a film project he is working on. “I get to experience an overwhelming and never ending wave of love. I hardly ever worry, and never about something trivial. I now see beauty in so many simple things. I no longer fear failure... or much of anything else.”

His disposition is infectious towards others, but it has helped create a viral video. The school administrator’s announcement has over 200,000 views.