Russian Dashcam Video Catches Out-of-Control Car in Action

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If parallel parking were an Olympic sport in Sochi this winter, Russia would have a good chance of keeping the gold at home.

In a new clip, a motorist in Moscow is shown parking a car in the most dangerous fashion: by slamming on the brakes, cutting across multiple lanes, and landing perfectly in a spot by the curb. Luckily, no one was injured.

The 10-second dashcam video begins with a typical day of driving in Moscow. Suddenly on the driver's side, a white Ford Ka passes. The driver swerves, slams on the brakes, and slices across four lanes of oncoming traffic. Eventually the Ka stops, facing the opposite direction but neatly in line with the curb and in front of another parked car.

From the perspective of the video, at least three different cars were as close as inches away from an accident. Somehow, the driver of the Ka avoided all of the traffic en route to its graceful stop.

YouTube commenters are chiming in with thoughts like, "Ace Ventura is proud of you!" and "In Soviet Russia you don't park a car. Car parks you."

But perhaps the most controversial thought on the video comes from YouTube user wickkidda.

"Its like when a girl plays you in video games and beats you by just mashing buttons," they wrote.