Russian Daredevil Hangs from Insanely High Structures

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The photos credited to Russian stunt enthusiast Kirill Oreshkin depict both dangerous scenes and breathtaking landscapes.

The pictures have surfaced on Oreshkin’s VK profile, which is similar to Facebook but primarily used in Russia. The shots are also uploaded to the website In each picture, Oreshkin is either standing on or dangling from a ledge that appears to be very high in the air. All of the pictures are taken in or around Moscow. Some are so ridiculously positioned that they might be difficult to look at.

A photo from the series that seems to be very popular depicts Oreshkin taking a selfie while standing on top of a tower. He is positioned on the star which above the main building at Moscow State University. When the building was constructed, it was the tallest in the world outside of New York City. The University claims that the MSU main building is the tallest educational facility in the world.

The central tower is 36 stories high, yet Oreshkin looks as if he is posing for a selfie in his bedroom.

That location seems to be a favorite for the Moscow-native. A quick Yahoo! search yielded multiple photos of Oreshkin and his friends climbing the tower. His crew has even posted videos of the ascent to YouTube. Of course, onlookers who have caught Oreshkin in the act have also photographed and filmed him.

Other photo-ops for the adventurist include Moscow’s 75-story high Mercury City Tower and Evolution Tower. At the time Oreshkin climbed Evolution, it wasn’t completely built, so he settled on a crane over 800 feet in the air.

Amidst everything that is visible from these heights, it is what you do not see that is the most shocking: a safety harness.