Restaurant run by robots becomes internationally renowned

Melissa Knowles
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Almost everyone can remember a time when they received bad service at a restaurant. Usually, human error plays a major role in the experience. But what would happen if humans were taken out of the equation? How about making the entire situation a bit more robotic? Well, look no further -- a restaurant known for its service and its food is run almost entirely by a staff of robots.

Robot Restaurant, located in the Heilongjiang province in China, has been open since last June, and it has been successful. When patrons enter, a robot greets them by extending its mechanical arm and saying, "Earth person, hello. Welcome to the Robot Restaurant." However, welcoming guests to the restaurant is not all the robots do. Robots wait the tables, cook the noodles, and even entertain the patrons by singing to them. As meals are prepared, they are brought out on a conveyor belt, and the waiterbots take it from there.

The restaurant has gained international fame and has become increasingly popular since its debut. The owners say they invested about $800,000 in total, with each robot costing around $40,000.

So other than dining in the restaurant, where else do humans come into play? A staff of human technicians work in the back to maintain the robots and keep them charged.

As good as the food and service may be, there is still one thing that the robots will never be able to do: make the food with love. That just cannot be programmed.

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