Web Responds to 4-Year-Old Cancer Patient with Outpouring of Inspiring Photos

Melissa Knowles

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Dyrk Burcie is a 4-year-old little boy whose courageous battle against terminal cancer has touched the hearts of his Dallas, Texas, community, but his impact does not stop there.

In April, when Dyrk's family announced on Facebook that they would stop intensive treatment, the local firefighter community, to which his father, Dameon, belongs, wanted to do something to keep the family's spirits high. The firefighters arranged a picture with Dyrk's name and some words of encouragement. Soon, other fire departments caught on and sent in their own photos of support all with the message "Dyrk Strong."

As images poured in, Dyrk's parents posted them to Facebook, started raising money for his medical bills and began cataloging people's contributions. So far, Dyrk's Facebook page has more than 3,000 likes and includes pictures from people all over the country. Dyrk's name has been featured on a pizza, written on the ground with fire hoses, and emblazoned onto stacks of burning hay. Even the band LMFAO sent a tribute picture.

Dyrk's parents, Shelley and Dameon, say he has seen most of the submissions and his favorite is a "Transformers" themed image sent from a fire department in College Station, Texas. Well-wishers from all over the world are flooding Dyrk's Facebook page with encouraging words for the little boy.

Dameon Burcie said of strangers joining together in support of his son, "In a horrible situation like this, it's nice to see that it is bringing people together, bringing communities closer together." If you would like to check out the project or contribute to the family, here's a link to the Fundraiser for Dyrk Burcie page.