Rescued Turkey Thinks He’s a Dog

Melissa Knowles
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Dogs have a reputation for being man's best friend, but there's a turkey in the United Kingdom who is giving her canine pals a run for their money. Cranberry the turkey was found wandering around a parking lot at HorseWorld, a rescue operation for mistreated horses.

Dawn and Jerry Watkins, who live on-site and work for the rescue operation for horses, adopted Cranberry after they found her and introduced her to their black Labrador retrievers, Teal and Widgeon. Surprisingly, all three animals became fast friends. Cranberry now has her own kennel outside next to her canine friends and has even become the alpha animal of the bunch.

Cranberry has been known to steal food from the dogs from time to time, and it's a move that Teal and Widgeon never do in return. Cranberry likes to go on walks and also tries to bark like a dog.

Watkins said of his new feathered pet, "She loves being stroked. If you stroke her, she will hunker down. It's quite charming." As doglike as Cranberry behaves, she does not fetch.

Just in case you may be wondering if Cranberry is doomed because of the upcoming holiday, worry no more. She will not end up on a dinner plate at Christmas this year. The Watkinses confirmed that they will be serving beef over the holidays.

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