Redditor Posts Video of Grandpa's Model Town Seen from Train's Point of View

Henry Baker

"Grandpa Bill" has spent the last 15 years building an incredibly ornate and humongous model train town in his house. His grandson, Ryan Crets, a.k.a. Redditor Im_Not_Batman, wanted to see what the place would look like from the POV of one of the town's trains. So Crets strapped a GoPro camera to the front of a locomotive and sent it around the track. The resulting footage is entrancing, and oddly convincing in a way that makes you think you might be traveling around a real town. The post became a hit on Reddit, and the views of the YouTube video of the trip soon surpassed 200,000. Commenters had high praise, such as, "That's crazy dedicated, nice job." People even remixed it with audio from things like the "Thomas the Tank Engine" theme song to put a different spin on it. Crets also posted another video featuring his family surrounding the village, which really highlights the difference in size between the town and actual humans. It's heartwarming to know that for Grandpa Bill, the next stop after 15 years of hard work is gaining widespread Internet fame.

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