Rapper Coolio drops in on college dorm, sings 'Gangsta's Paradise'

Mia Trovato
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Rapper Coolio drops in on college dorm, sings 'Gangsta's Paradise'

College is a fun time in any young person's life, especially when there are fun stories to share.  A group of students at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, England has one of the best college nights ever recently. The group even has a video to prove it. Grammy-winning rapper Coolio was in town for a show when he met the students who were in the VIP area. They invited him to their dorm where the rapper cooked dinner for the crew and followed up with an acoustic jam session to his popular hit "Gangsta's Paradise." Take a look here.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Kelly Maguire, who wrote in the description that it was the "most surreal night of our lives!" Coolio looks like he had a great time, too, and confirmed it with a tweet: "gangsta's paradise with some fans in England. Fun night!" You can read more about the coolest night ever on the Reddit thread started by one of the students.

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