Random Celebrities Unite in Wacky Condiment Commercial

Melissa Knowles
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We are bombarded with commercials and advertisements on TV, on the radio, and of course right here on the Internet. They're unavoidable. In fact, ads are so prominent now that to get consumers' attention, marketing agencies have had to become extra-creative.

So if you're an ad agency looking for a creative way to get people's attention, look no further than the latest gimmick from Miracle Whip. They've launched a fake charity ad campaign called "Miracle Whip Open Mouth Anthem," encouraging people to "keep an open mouth."

The "We Are the World"-style song brings together a bizarre collection of celebrities, including Don Dokken, Gilby Clarke, Susan Boyle, Lance Bass, Wynonna Judd, and even the Village People for the collaboration.

Here's a sampling of the lyrics from the wacky spot: "In this world there's lots of turkey, but also a lot of fear. People making up their mind, before the facts are clear. And when it's time to make a sandwich, ugly judgment rears its head. If it's tangy, creamy, different, chances are it won't get spread. Open your mind, open your mouth, the world can be a sweeter place. That's what it's all about. Keep an open mouth."

Obviously, people are not taking the video too seriously. Comments so far have ranged from sarcastic to enthusiastic. One person wrote, "Fantastic. All great artists, and now I know what Miracle Whip is!" Another wrote, "Neat! :) I actually found this amusing."

No matter what your opinion about the ad is, you have to admit that it certainly stands out from the pack, even if it goes down as one of the silliest ways to talk about a condiment.

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