The Queen of Trending’s Goodbye, Child ‘Scribbles’ on Display, and NASA’s New Frontier

Adriana Diaz

After 25 years, the world says goodbye to "The Oprah Winfrey Show" today. Oprah's not just the queen of talk shows, she's also the queen of trending. Yahoo! Searches for her finale were up almost 2,000 percent yesterday. And she doesn't trend alone. She can launch products to the top of the trends list with a single mention. Spanx and UGG boots became near-instant sensations after getting Oprah's stamp of approval. The Neti Pot sinus cleaner jumped 1,000 percent in Yahoo! Search after it got the Oprah nod in 2007. When famed film critic Roger Ebert appeared on "Oprah" for the first time after surgery, his name spiked 875 percent in Search. The talk show host's endorsement also catapulted the television careers of Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, and Nate Berkus. We're curious to see if her trending touch will follow her to OWN, her new cable TV network.

Children's artwork usually finds a home on the family refrigerator, but 4-year-old Aelita Andre's art is going places. The Australian toddler's art will be on display at a New York City gallery this summer. While some call her a prodigy, others are up in arms about the fanfare surrounding a 4-year-old "scribbler." She even has a Facebook fan page, even though she's too young to be on Facebook!

News about NASA's newest spaceship is orbiting the Web. That's because the space agency is planning to send astronauts to Mars. NASA is refurbishing its Orion space capsule into a Multipurpose Crew Vehicle. The spacecraft will take four astronauts on 21-day trips to asteroids and eventually Mars.

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