Purin the Super Beagle is Ready for the World Cup

Henry Baker
Henry Baker
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The World Cup begins in two days, and since you can’t enjoy any real soccer for the time being, we have a stop-gap measure in the form of Purin the Super Beagle. Purin may not be Clint Dempsey, but she at least seems to have a basic understanding of the beautiful game. She’s got good on-field awareness, can cut to the net on a dime, and even plays a mean keeper. Purin is already a huge star in her homeland of Japan, having gotten famous with an uncanny ability to catch with her paws.

Purin’s stardom is causing YouTube commenters to gush, but also use the opportunity to score points for their own favorite squads, or against their least. One commenter burned the Portuguese National Team by writing, “still better than Ronaldo,” while another gave props to Purin by calling her the “new Messi.” Perhaps in the future host countries can run a parallel dogs-only World Pup in addition to the main event.

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