Pug Wants to Be Part of the Action in ‘Homeward Bound’

Henry Baker

"If only we could read its mind..."

At least that's what 150,000-plus people (at the time of this posting) must be wondering after watching this heartwarming clip of a pug taking in one of Disney's nonanimated classics: "Homeward Bound." For those who missed the feel-good flick, it's all about three family pets on a long and arduous journey home to reunite with their owners — a simple, classic story line. In that loose context, imagine watching a pug paying close attention to a TV screen showing the movie's climatic ending — when the animals return home — and then behaving as though it can understand the plot line. No, seriously! As if on cue, the pug spins around and wails at the exact emotional crescendos, and even lies down as the moment builds.

Now, maybe we're just staring at a dog chasing its tail in a weird way, and the higher-mammal logic in me wants to believe it is indeed coincidence. But the clip certainly sparks that innately human curiosity and desire to determine whether or not we can one day communicate on a deeper level with other animals. Any pet owner will likely cite their experience to proclaim we undoubtedly can — and do. But the science simply isn't there to support the experience. However, with enough clips like this out there, something tells me we'll have to start delving a little deeper to see if there might be something behind this kind of seeming "randomness."