PSA Raises Awareness Against the Scourge of Vertical Videos on the Web

Henry Baker
July 11, 2013

It is unfortunately a common scenario. You click a link to watch a video, and immediately your heart sinks. Whoever shot the video on his or her phone didn't turn it 90 degrees to film horizontally. Yes, it is, shudder, a vertical video. It is a nuisance that many of the Web's video fans have dealt with since phones were first able to capture video, but now the movement to stop it has grown.

Enter Jonathan Mann and his "Song a Day" project. For each day of the year, Mann releases a song. "Turn Your Phone (Vertical Video PSA)" is the 1,647th song in his series, and it tackles the issue of vertical videos. In it, he sings, "If you film with the phone upright, it looks like this, and this ain't right. If you film with the phone all straight and tall, it looks like this not right at all." One commenter wrote on YouTube, "Hopefully this will go SUPER viral and make everyone realize how wrong it is to film vertically." So remember, next time you take out your phone to capture some video, make sure to tip that thing to the side.

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