Protesters Occupy Twitter, and ‘Arrested Development’ Gets a Second Chance

Mia Trovato
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Social media was flooded with "Occupy Wall Street" protesters this weekend when the group took over the Brooklyn Bridge and dominated Twitter. The group, which has been rallying for two weeks to fight corporate greed, reached its peak on Saturday when thousands of protesters blocked traffic on the bridge in New York City. While the march was unauthorized, it was certainly not unexpected. The police were waiting for them and made 700 arrests. Around the same time, #OCCUPYWALLSTREET made up more than 0.5% of all tweets. Thousands of photos have been uploaded, as well as videos all across YouTube.

One of the biggest events in entertainment this weekend happened at the New Yorker Magazine Festival. The cast of the television show "Arrested Development" reunited at the festival Sunday, for the first time since the show was canceled five years ago. During the event, a special announcement was made. There's going to be a new season of the show followed by a movie. The show, starring Jason Bateman and Will Arnett, was canceled by Fox in 2006, much to the dismay of its followers who rallied to get it back on the air. Thousands of fans took to Twitter to share their excitement about the announcement.