President Obama Interrupts The Price Is Right; Twitter Reacts

Ralphie Aversa
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"The Price Is Right" trended in the U.S. on Twitter today. It had nothing to do with host Drew Carey or any big winner. Rather a CBS News Special Report carrying a live address from President Barack Obama interrupted the show.

And if there is one thing evident after scrolling through the tweets, it is that people do not like their hour of "The Price Is Right" interrupted by anyone — even the Commander In Chief.

"Unless Godzilla is attacking the Eastern seaboard, Obama doesn't need to be interrupting the Price is Right," tweeted Amanda Marie, a viewer. Although, the fact that she wrote that makes you wonder if she would still be upset over missing the Card Game.

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"Eric Shinseki you couldn't resign from VA Secretary after the #priceisright?" questioned another viewer, Alin. Shinseki tendered his resignation today amid allegations of widespread fraud in the department. A report from the Department of Veterans Affairs inspector general's office claimed VA employees falsified wait lists, fabricated cancellations, and rescheduled appointments. The alleged goal was to make wait times for veterans seem shorter, at least on paper.

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In all, 42 branches of the organization are under investigation. But Twitter users paid no mind to that today. All they wanted to see is whether a complete stranger would take home that brand-new car.

"Unfortunately, nothing Pres. Obama says today counts unless he spins 'The Price Is Right' wheel and makes it into the showcase showdown," joked Tony Myles. Surprisingly, there is no mention of the president trying his hand at Plinko, but semantics.

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"President Obama must not like Drew Carey, because that's the 2nd time in a month that he's preempted a part of The Price is Right," posted Christopher Fuentes. On May 21, Obama also interrupted local programming to address the allegations.

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Thankfully, if you missed out on your "Price Is Right" fix due to the president's announcement, the full episode is available online.

"Missed @PriceIsRight today? Catch it later on or the CBS app. Seriously. Whining doesn't help anyone. #growup" tweeted the game show news account We Love to Interrupt.

Truer words may have never been spoken.