Police Prohibit Apocalypse Believers from Climbing ‘Sacred’ Peak

Melissa Knowles

Unless you have not paid any attention to the news for the last couple of years, you're aware that some people believe that the world will come to an end on December 21 of this year, according to the Mayan calendar. Survivalists out there have bunkers prepared in case everything we've ever known is wiped out. Scientists, on the other hand, believe that it's unlikely an apocalypse will occur on December 21 and note that none of the Mayan references to the upcoming date mention an apocalypse.

Nonetheless, some people are still convinced there is danger ahead, and they have a backup plan in the event of the apocalypse. According to believers, a mountain in France is among a few sacred peaks around the world that will be saved from devastation. On doomsday, they believe, an alien spacecraft is going to burst forth from the Pic de Bugarach's 4,035 foot summit and carry nearby humans to safety.

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But when December arrives, visitors may have some trouble making it to the mountain's peak. French police will be keeping the area on lockdown. A hundred police and firefighters will also tightly control the roads to the village at the foot of the mountain. One French official released a statement about the decision: "We are expecting a few people who believe in the end of the world, but in extremely limited numbers." He also added that the largest crowd at the mountain will most likely be made up of journalists.

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