Police Department Encourages Citizens to Stay Safe During Holidays with Hilarious Music Video

The Hampton Police Division in Hampton, Va. states on its website that its mission is, "Preventing crime and enforcing laws through problem solving partnerships."

The department’s latest partnership to accomplish that is a little unorthodox, as it involves a Christmas classic and Jolly St. Nick.

Police officers and Santa Claus joined forces for a remake of “Jingle Bells.” The remix features lyrics that stress the importance of not committing a crime and calling 911 if you witness an emergency.

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,” sings Officer Daniel Smith. The scene plays out during a dream that Smith has in the video. “It’s no fun to get locked up and brought down to the jail!”

Patrolman Leon Robertson, who works as the social media officer in the police department’s public information office, created the video from start to finish. Robertson also filmed and edited the piece in addition to rewriting the song’s lyrics.

But there is a serious message that goes along with the awkward dance moves and fictitious arrest scenes: Stay safe this holiday season. At the end of the two-minute piece, the police department lists six tips to help accomplish this. The recommendations include remaining in well-lit areas and not carrying large sums of cash.

What are your tips to stay safe this season?