Photographer Stands Up To Cyberbullying, HP and Dell Feud On Twitter, and The Breakout Star At Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

Adriana Diaz

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A Pennsylvania photographer is being applauded around the Web for teaching bullies a lesson. When Jen McKendrick realized that she was scheduled to take senior portraits of four girls who were the creators of a Facebook page devoted to cyberbullying, she canceled their sessions. McKendrick wrote emails to the girls and their parents explaining why she would not conduct business with them. In the emails, she included screen grabs of mean comments the girls posted. The girls' Facebook page is reminiscent of the "burn book" in the movie "Mean Girls," where girls write hurtful comments about their classmates in a scrapbook. On her blog, McKendrick wrote, "If you are ugly on the inside, I'm sorry but I won't take your photos to make you look pretty on the outside!" Hundreds of comments applauding McKendrick have been posted to her blog and Facebook page. One person summed it up best by saying, "It's refreshing to see professionals stand up for morality and not just money." What do you think of McKendrick's refusal to photograph the girls? Tell me on and on Twitter @AdrianaTweeting.

The biggest tech story of the weekend has led to an unlikely Twitter feud. Hewlett-Packard announced plans to spin off its personal computer division, which the company said could lead to a "full or partial separation" from HP. Michael Dell, the CEO of Dell Computers, took a jab at HP on Twitter, where he wrote, "So you don't want to be in the PC business anymore? But we do more than ever." HP shot back, tweeting, "Not so fast @MichaelDell. We are still the #1 PC manufacturer in the world. Our team remains 100% committed." Dell responded, "@HP PC business 100% committed to ownership change to new unknown owner(s) w/unknown strategy, on an unknown time frame" Ouch. As of this morning, HP has not responded to Dell's last tweet. But this isn't the first time Dell made a snide comment about his competition. In 1997, the year when Steve Jobs returned to Apple, Dell said that if he were in charge of Apple, he'd "shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders." Good thing that didn't happen because Apple's now the highest valued technology company in the world. One of Dell's followers reminded him of this fact, saying, "@MichaelDell Last time u made fun of another Co. ($AAPL) they ended up being worth 13 times as much as yours so i guess $HPQ will be ok ;)"

Lastly, a dancing boy nearly stole the show at Kim Kardashian's much-anticipated wedding this weekend. If you were watching CNN's live coverage of the event, you couldn't have missed a boy in a backward cap dancing and making faces behind CNN's reporter for a full minute. The video of the boy has become an Internet sensation, racking up more than 150,000 YouTube views in just one day. But Kardashian herself came out on top. On her wedding day, Yahoo! Searches for Kardashian were three times higher than searches for Kate Middleton on the day of the royal wedding.