Photographer Captures World's First Sunset Hyperlapse from Airplane

Matthew Vandeputte captured a world’s first on a flight in Australia recently. Using a Canon 5D camera, the photographer snapped a sunset hyperlapse from the airplane. He then uploaded the stunning footage to YouTube in 4K quality.

A hyperlapse is similar to a time-lapse but with a lot more movement. The footage was stabilized in Adobe After Effects.

“Last week I was about to fly back from Coolangata airport (Gold Coast, Australia) to Sydney when I noticed the sun was about to set with some great cloud coverage,” Vandeputte wrote in a blog post published Tuesday. “Knowing that I'd have a big chance of shooting some great stills, I loaded up my Canon 5D MkIII with a fresh battery and two empty memory cards, ready to shoot.”

The scene changed for the better after capturing the footage. About 20 minutes later, Vandeputte was 30,000 feet in the air with an even better perspective of the clouds and sun setting. The plane angled itself towards the setting sun.

“Holding the camera very, very still, controlling my breathing and annoying everyone around me with my fast paced shutter firing off dozens of shots, I knew I was in the process of capturing a world's first!” he said.

The vantage point is different, but the quality is also eye popping. Viewed in 4K, it looks as if it was shot for a movie.

A flight attendant did inform Vandeputte that his camera was disturbing to some on the flight. The photographer didn’t mind bugging a few people, though, if it meant filming “crazy unique footage.” Thankfully for the passengers, it was only a brief shoot and nothing that could overpower a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

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