Photo of Rescued Pit Bull Warms the Hearts of the Web

Mia Trovato
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Lots of animal stories in the news this week, not all of them the warm and fuzzy kind. The discovery of a suspected dog-fighting ring in Plant City, Fla., on Monday elicited angry reactions from locals and the Internet community. But along with sadness comes a touching photo from Reddit user F.L. Medic, who uploaded a shot of Pam Perry from Hillsborough County Animal Services cradling one of the pit bulls in her arms.

Sometimes dogs bred for fighting are unable to adapt to living in a normal, loving situation, but if this photo is any indication, hopefully it will be an easy transition.

The look of contentment on the dog’s face made a huge impression. The photo was upvoted thousands of times, which brought it to Reddit’s front page. One user wrote, “I don’t know who this lady is, but I love her.” Another user pointed out the similarity to a different but equally touching photo, which also went viral, featuring John Unger holding his arthritic 19-year-old dog in the waters of Lake Superior to ease her pain. Such love.

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